Tourism Maps


In selected high tourism contained markets we go one step further. We provide a proven hotel guests and tourism favorite. A detailed quality souvenir tourism guide distributed at premier hotel properties upon check-in and at all concierge information areas. It remains with the hotel guest as a guide throughout their visit and a fun souvenir reminder long after they have returned home. It is a high quality 11”x17” 80lb. Text Gloss 2 Side Color Map. On one side of the map is a detailed 2D diagram of the city with highlighted buildings and landmarks. It also includes locator logos of participating businesses for easy location. The opposite side includes a detailed advertisement of participating businesses with all necessary information including an individual QR Code for scanning and additional on the go information.

For detailed information about printing quantities, frequencies, pricing and complete hotel listings in your area please contact us and we will be glad to provide any information. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and include you in any of our tourism services.